Imaginary Futures

Curious what the new year will bring? So are we. Here are some things we’ve been doing in the past few months: creating an online exhibition, developing workshops, meeting with architects and contractors, working with SWOT City, getting our legal and accounting shit together, preparing budgets and fundraising plans and looking for entrances to the hollow earth in Mammoth Cave. We’ve been having regular meetings with the full board of directors and that’s been helpful to get our organization structured. The plan is to do some online and offsite programming in 2016 – such as workshops and of course another Animated Curiosities screening – while we try to raise more money to fix the building. We still need to do a lot in there – rewiring, heat and AC, a new bathroom, emergency exit, window repairs, plaster work, new floors, sealing and painting… then we can start putting up some cabinets and lighting for our displays.

Thanks for your patience while we scrape some funds together. We’re still here and we can’t wait to explore the future with you.

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