Fossils and Cake

Our recent fossil box workshop turned out really fun! The venue was packed with people making glass cases for favorite oddities they brought along. Those who came empty-handed explored our stock of plants, rocks, skulls, feathers, shells, ephemera, old toys and rusted artifacts to assemble something unexpected. One of our guests crafts his own intricate fishing lures and made a case to display some of his specimens. Everyone went home with their own box of curiosities.

Huge thanks to Angela at Coffee and (___) for hosting our workshop! We made a total mess for a few hours and still she kept feeding us delicious cakes and drinks. If you haven’t been yet, check out her cafe – she’s making Jeff Chalmers an even sweeter place to hang out.

We’ll have more classes this summer and if you’re interested, please send us an email so we can put you on our mailing list. See you soon!

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