Art in Curious Places

Coming up: Tuesday, May 23, 5-7 pm

Join us as we capture bizarre and beautiful transformations and metamorphoses in the scenic landscapes of Detroit. We’re starting a series of explorations for artists, photographers, designers – anyone who is interested in portraying the strange beauty of overgrown decay.

At Seafoam Palace, we’re driven by our love of exploring and finding time capsules, strange artifacts, puzzling ephemera and bewildering toys – the cultural remnants of people and their habitats, signposts of earlier customs, pleasures, safeguards and tastes. Perhaps like you, we delight in digging through rubble and junk to see the struggles and embraces between artifice and nature, the new shapes, patterns and textures that can emerge when the discarded turns into a wilderness. And as artists, this process inspires us to create.

In this new series, Art in Curious Places, we invite you to join us with your sketch pad or camera as we visit an interesting, publicly accessible site in Detroit to find cool junk. We’re meeting in small groups every couple months or so and all are welcome. Come along!

Next meeting:
Tuesday, May 23, 5-7 pm, site in southwest Detroit.
Free to join – but we’re always grateful for donations!
To RSVP and get details, please email We’ll send you directions.














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