We’re moving!

Actually we’ve been moving all the time and will continue to stay in motion as we leave our museum building in Detroit. We’re sad to say goodbye to our little outpost but, frankly, the many needed repairs have also been weighing us down. Our group has been catapulting all over the place for the last 20 years and this will let us focus more on projects that we’re excited to share with you. Seafoam Palace will continue as an itinerant arts organization, working on events (a big one coming up in LA), publishing books (first one is in the layout stage) and holding workshops (some experimental film classes up next). We’re holding a big junk sale on our lawn on August 10 and our Animated Curiosities will screen on August 11. More on that shortly! The sale is being handled by Bill Swanson at O’Connor Real Estate, (313) 963-9891 – if you have any questions about the building, please contact him.

Love and shipwrecks, Julia and the Seafoam Palace crew

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