COSMOS: Films in Space

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In honor of the 50th anniversary of the Apollo moon landing, Mothlight Microcinema and Seafoam Palace are thrilled to host Raul Benitez, who brings to us an exciting program of films for your viewing delight! PLEASE NOTE: "Films in Space" will be an outdoor screening. Bring your own chair/blanket/bugspray.

Episode 9 "Journeys in Space and Time" 16mm 60:00
Ideas about time and space are explored in the changes that constellations undergo over time, the redshift and blue shift measured in interstellar objects, time dilation in Albert Einstein's theory of relativity, the designs of both Leonardo da Vinci and spacecraft that could travel near light speed, time travel and its hypothetical effects on human history, the origins of the Solar System, the history of life, and the immensity of space.

Apollo 17 A special report,14:00 16mm
The Eagle Has Landed : Flight of Apollo 11, 28:00 16mm

Cosmos print is in partnership with the Carl Sagan Foundation, we thank them for that.

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