Narrative Fabrics: Intuitive Weaving

Category: Workshops

Weave a rich and textural narrative using scraps of fabric and chunky fibers, found objects, sticks, moss, hair, paper and string. In our intuitive weaving workshop, you can upcycle anything from old fabric or leftover crafting supplies to scrap metal and chains into fiber art. Whether your vision is wild and imperfect or rich and serene we can guide you.

You’ll learn how to make a simple loom out of a picture frame, stretcher bars, or a make a loomless weaving out of natural sticks or branches. We supply the loom materials, some yarn, fabric, fiber, moss, and small sticks. We will also have various bits of found treasure such as chains, rubber bands, old Christmas decorations, and vintage stringy stuff. You bring any materials that speak to you and leave with a piece of fiber art.

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