We're redesigning our site! In the meantime, here's some info on what we do:

About Seafoam Palace:

We're an itinerant group of artists focused on reimagining neglected and ruined spaces as portals to otherworldly playgrounds. In addition to staging events, we host drawing salons & workshops and are planning limited-edition art books. More on who we are and where we're going here. Or read about our past projects in Hyperallergic, Huffington Post and other media.

Current Projects:

Falling Sideways

What happens when a planet decides to leave its solar system and fall forever sideways while its siblings try to reign it back in? We explore this in a series of site-specific experiences designed to intersect with the planet's path – an immersive journey through a resonating chamber that transports us to the spheres of interplanetary intrigue and cosmic expanse, a parallax pursuit and reverie on the art of infinite motion. More information here.


With our sporadic events, we aim to evoke a sense of wonder (Islands of the Hollow Earth), refine our sense of high weirdness (Meatballs in Repose), or just tell intriguing stories (Animated Curiosities, The Dreaded Slideshow). In addition to continuing our Falling Sideways series, which covers all these bases, we’re currently developing a new concept for 2024.


Our regular arts workshops for seniors at PACE Southeast Michigan have been ongoing since 2019. We also host other artist sessions such as our drawing salon Art in Curious Places, where anyone interested is welcome to join us for sketching or photography meetings at picturesque artistic, abandoned or demolished sites around Detroit.

More projects are planned for 2024 and will be announced here, on Instagram and on our mailing list. If you're interested in our earlier projects, check out our past performances, exhibits, workshops and more (currently still on our old website).

Contact Us:

hello [at] seafoamnobotspalace.org – or join our mailing list for updates here.


We're a 503(c) nonprofit organization, run entirely by volunteers — your donations are tax-deductible and help us offer workshops and other events free of charge. We appreciate your support!