About Seafoam Palace

Seafoam Palace is an arts organization that celebrates the absurd while fostering curiosity, exploration, and new perspectives of the marvelous. Our aim is to engage the imagination with unconventional artworks, workshops, events, and artistic interpretations of scientific and anthropological phenomena and artifacts.

Seafoam Palace was started by a group of artists who have previously worked on projects in cities such as Detroit, New York, Jersey City, Buffalo, Kansas City, Barcelona and Berlin. Most of us live in Detroit, working with the local community and artists from all over the world to engage in future events. We all look forward to meeting you!

Creative Team & Board of Directors

Julia Solis Creative Director

Julia is the co-founder and Executive Director of Seafoam Palace. She previously founded the creative preservation group Ars Subterranea in Brooklyn and served as an editor of Furnace Press and board member of the two arts organizations Madagascar Institute and Place in History in New York. A writer and photographer, she has authored a book on subterranean New York, “New York Underground: The Anatomy of a City” (Routledge) and one on abandoned theaters, “Stages of Decay” (Prestel). Her work has been featured in Smithsonian Magazine, the New York Times, National Geographic Adventure, Village Voice, Outside Magazine and many other national and international publications. She has curated art exhibitions and organized adventure games in abandoned spaces since 1998 and received a fellowship from the New York Foundation for the Arts for documenting her explorations.

For Seafoam Palace, she will curate exhibitions, coordinate cabinets of curiosity, oversee publishing and create events to explore modern-day wonders.

Tom Kirsch Apparatus Division

Tom is an accomplished photographer and designer who also engineers found underwater artifacts into shipwreck curiosities.

As a photographer, he specializes in exterior night-time photography and the documentation of historic and lost institutional architecture in both text and images on his website Opacity. His work has been featured on PBS's American Experience, in Digital Photographer Magazine and other publications. Tom also has eleven years of experience working as the lead developer at a multimedia agency based in New York. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree cum laude from Long Island University and has lived in Detroit since 2008.

Tom is the web developer for Seafoam Palace, and will contribute to the renovation and exhibition design, and curate nautical ephemera.

Bryan Parcival Cinematoglypher

Bryan is an experimental filmmaker and mixed-media artist whose work combines animation with live-action film and still photography. He began his professional career at Olive Jar Studios, where he worked as a commercial director, animator, cinematographer, and eventually Associate Creative Director. In 2001, along with his friend and long-time collaborator Jeff Sias, Bryan started Handcranked Productions, an independent film/animation company. His work has won awards and screened at film festivals worldwide, including Sundance, Ottawa International Animation Festival, The World Animation Celebration, Dragon*Con, and others. Since 2002, Bryan has been an Adjunct Professor at RISD and a Directing Member of Ars Subterranea in New York.

Bryan, the creator of our Kickstarter video, will integrate his filmmaking expertise into the programming and lead workshops to engage the local community.

Kim Couchot Board Member

Kim Couchot has a BFA in sculpture and has worked for numerous artists, art organizations, and non-profits both professionally and as a volunteer, coordinating special events as well as managing day-to-day operations and logistics. She also has over 10 years experience in corporate events and trade shows and is known for her creative problem-solving and aesthetic abilities. She coordinates workshops and wrangles development and preservation materials for Seafoam Palace.

Other Board Members

Susan Dundon Director of Community Outreach

Intrigued by the large question mark on the door as she trekked around the neighborhood, Susan started as a volunteer with Seafoam Palace in 2013 – offering her grant-writing and business development, and partnerships skills to our team. Through the Detroit Revitalization Fellowship program and while at Reclaim Detroit, Susan worked to preserve architectural elements and old growth wood from Detroit’s abandoned buildings for creative re-use. She is currently a Program Officer with the Ralph C. Wilson Jr. Foundation. Curious about the world around her, Susan has traveled to 42 countries and lived in 7. She also likes visionary art, letterpress, and wine.

Shel Kimen Outreach

Shel helps us think about how to engage partners to collaborate on programming, content, and revenue generating activities. 

She is also the Founder and Executive Director of Collision Works, a hybrid profit / non-profit social enterprise in Detroit, designed to connect people through their personal stories. She has been featured in local, national, and international press for her work with Collision Works and speaks regularly on topics such as urban resilience and community-led design. Prior to Collision Works, she led Digital Strategy and Consumer Insights projects for some of the world’s leading brands including Saatchi & Saatchi, JC Penney and The New York Times.

She’s the only one on our team who has sailed the Northwest Passage searching for relics of John Franklin and narwhals.

Paul Parkhill Consulting

Paul is the Executive Director of Spaceworks, a nonprofit created by the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs to develop long-term, affordable work space for visual and performing artists in all five boroughs of NYC. Between 1999 and 2012, Paul served as the Director of Planning and Development at the Greenpoint Manufacturing and Design Center, a nonprofit that has redeveloped more than 700,000 square feet of space for industrial, artisanal and arts-related businesses. For six years prior to that Paul worked as a housing developer for Common Ground Community, a supportive housing provider. In 1997 Paul co-founded Place in History, a Brooklyn-based nonprofit arts organization that sponsors public art and public history projects about New York City neighborhoods, and in 2004 he co-founded Furnace Press with Julia Solis and Ars Subterranea. Paul holds a BA from Brown University and a Master's Degree in Urban Planning from Columbia University.


Alessandro Toffoli

Alessandro is an arts and culture researcher who splits his time between Detroit and Rome. "I feel at home here. Detroit is just like Rome."

Christos Pathiakis

Christos graduated from the University of Rochester with a degree in film and photography, with an extensive focus on underground and industrial sites. His images are in the collection of the Museum of the City of New York and have been featured on the covers of The New York Times, The Daily News, and Bloomberg Business News.

Ryan Carmichael

Ryan is a functional artist and was one of the lead fabricators on Gon Kirin. In recent years he has specialized in architectural installations around Detroit.

Monica Canilao

Internationally recognized artist Monica Canilao uses recycled materials to transform forgotten objects into newborn mythology. She has shown solo and with groups in galleries, community spaces and abandoned spaces worldwide. Her work can be seen here and on Instragram.

Stefany Anne Golberg

Stefany Anne Golberg is a multimedia artist, composer, writer, and founder of The Huckleberry Explorer’s Club. Stefany’s films – part of the ongoing series ‘The Wonderful World of Stefany Anne Golberg’ – have been screened in the US, Canada, and Burma. She is co-founder of the New York City arts collective Flux Factory and has created large-scale installations, compositions, and films.

Special Thanks

Amy Small
Aram Polster
Carl Nielbock
Chris Hackett
Dorothy Trojanowski
Doug Denard
Emilie Evans
Evelyn Fugate
John Law
Larissa Kunynskyj
Maggie Sisco
Michele Martin
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